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San Sebastian (or Donostia, as we call it there) is the city where I was born. It's a small (180 thousand inhabitants) friendly and beautiful city in the Basque Country - north of Spain, next to France. Apparently not only those who grew up there think it's beautiful - everybody who decides to visit agrees with us. High quality of life, mountains everywhere, a bay with the Santa Clara island in it, the fisher harbor, the old town... If you like food and nature, this is your place. Choose any of the three beaches to spend your summer in a 23 Celsius degrees (74 F) water temperature; or enjoy surfing the nice waves in september - yeah, this is the Athlantic, we got real waves! Practice fishing or enjoy the mountains arround during autumn, and go skiing to the Pirinees during winter until the month May, just when the spring invites you to walk the mountains.

My little city at night.

This is the same view at daylight, so you can see two of the three beaches (the good one to surf is not visible in this picture, it's just where the bay ends and the city is face to the open ocean).

Of course in winter there is not many people in the beach... but it's still nice to give a walk.

One of my secret places...

The surroundings of Donostia are nice too, like the following pictures of the Basque Country show

or the following from the very near by Pirinean mountains bewteen Spain and France: