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So here we go, mostly improvised live coding jam sessions where i show different little tricks on procedural animation mostly. Of course, this is not representative of how you want to do computer graphics in general, or how to build robusts algorithms. These videos, instead, show some hackery and trickery and quick prototyping indeas and or improvised experiments. Hopefully you will find interesting ideas and bits here and there. You can also check that my typing is not that fast, or that I'm not specially quick on finding bugs, specially until I implement a error visualizer in the live coding framework, lol. For relevant articles about most of the techniques here, as usual, go have a look to the articles page. Have fun!

making a heart with maths

23-02-2017. live explanations on how to model and animate a heart with mathematics.

principles of math-painting

14-07-2014. some live coding and narration, showing some basic methods for painting with maths

an eye ball

08-07-2012. some live coding with voice narration, showing how the design for the bautypi's logo was done.

an apple

22-11-2011. writing a raymarcher and noise function from scratch, plus procedural modeling, shading and lighting of an apple.

creating a simple clover

26-10-2011. quick live coding (and recording) of creating a very very simple clover shape with mathematics/code, procedurally.

a simple raytracer

20-07-2011. improvising a simple raytracer. the lack of error messaging made the coding slower than it should have been, but still watchable

creating a smiley sun

16-07-2011. quick live coding (and recording) of creating a smiley talking sun with mathematics/code, procedurally

making music with mathematics

12-07-2011. realtime design of formulas that create sounds. as i type them, the graph changes, and so do the sounds that they generated. i use a MIDI keyboard to change the values of "w" (the "frequency").

live coding test

25-04-2011. the first version of my opengl text editor. coding is improvised and compiled live. music and text react to the music that i was streaming from the internet while coding.