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This is the set of libraries I currently use in my Web exepriments (mostly 3D rendering demos) and also in the development of They are not mature yet, and will improve over time. But, I do definitely find them super useful. Go ahead and use them is you want too, they come with the MIT license.


Click here to get the latest update (5/4/2017, first update was 01/12/2014)

Module Category
piRenderer An abstraction over WebGL and an API simplifier, that has the same interface as my C++ renderer
piMesh Useful functions to manipulate and render meshes
piFile Module to read binary files conveniently
piShading Some useful shading functions
piVR A module that takes care of VR rendering
piVecTypes Simple math types
piWebUtils Simple helpers to work-around browser differences
piCamera Simple 3D camera controller