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1k/4k demo framework and examples
This is a set of "intro systems" or, being more accurate, a set of 1k and 4k intro examples, ready to be used. It contains one example for each of the most typical intro scenarios: hardware acceleration, software rendering (pure pixel based), and shader based rendering (no polygons) as well as some simple procedural graphics. None of the examples is especially optimized, as they are expected to serve as example. However, the code code has been build by collecting ideas from many people who do tiny prods, like Auld and those in in4k, as well as from my own testings and experimentation.

For regular hadware acceleration, both OpenGL and Directx 9.1 examples are available as 4k base intros. There is also three examples for non polygon based hardware acceleration, where rendering is based on a shader. You can find there code to use shaders that you might want to copy to the polygon based examples. Lastly, there is a softare rendering example where a framebuffer is copied to the window. There are also two examples of 4k procedural graphcic prods, one using Opengl shaders and the other using software rendering (full mutithreaded!).

Using it:
Each project has two configurations, Debug and Release. On the Debug one there is no size optimizations, there is more error checks and you can put breakpoints and all that cool stuff. The Release configurations use a lighter startup code, optimize the code and link with Crinkler.

Most projects contain a main.h where you can do some basic setup for the intro, like the screen resolution.

You just need Visual Studio (2008, 2013, 2015, 2017 or 2019). Remember that Visual Studio is free :)

Click here to get the latest update (2021/03/21) [Optimized Executable Graphics, added multipass (thx Fizzer)]
(previous version was released 2020/03/08) [Added VS2019]
(previous version was released 2019/04/28) [Added VS2017, Optimized setup for all GL intros]
(previous version was released 2015/12/15) [Optimized shader creation in i4k_OGLShader]
(previous version was released 2015/12/01) [Added VS2013 and VS2015 support]
(previous version was released 2010/07/27) [fixed sound -thx coda-, added newest glext.h, and tweak for Crinkler 1.2]
(previous version was released 2009/06/30) [VS2008 support, procedural gfx frameworks, and -27 bytes in "accio"]
(previous version was released 2008/26/03) [d3d startup optimized - thx Blueberry]
(previous version was released 2008/28/02) [crinkler removed, code cleaned - thx Auld]
(previous version was released 2008/23/01) [first version]

The package already contains Crinkler in it (created by Mentor and Blueberry), which is the real magic here :)

ProjectCategoty Size (in bytes)RenderingFeaturesSound supportShot
i1k_D3D9Shader1k870shader (HLSL)a 2d gradientno
i1k_OGLShader 1k813shader (GLSL)a 2d tunnelno
i4k_Software 4k939software (CPU)a 2d tunnelyes
i4k_D3D9 4k1214directx 9a 3d cubeyes
i4k_OGL 4k1144opengl 1.1a 3d cubeyes
i4k_OGLShader 4k1388shader (GLSL)a 3d raytraced sphereyes
g4k_Software executable gfx1502sofware (CPU - multithreaded)ambient occlusionno
g4k_OGLShader executable gfx892shader (GLSL)mandelbrot setno
g4k_OGLShader_multipass executable gfx1011shader (GLSL)mandelbrot setno