website code
I thought it might be useful to some if I shared some of the code I use to build my demos, experiments, prototypes and products as well as some datasets. The code shared here evolves all the time and I do no guarantee backwards compatibility. Code is a means to my goals (usually visual goals) and not necessarily the object of my joy. Hence, when I adopt a new coding style or habit I introduce it slowly in the codebase by replacing only the pieces of it that I visit during development. Still, I think these can be useful if you are starting (if you are an old programmer you most likely have your own version of these anyways).

piLibs JS - coding framework
I use these help me with some coding in JS. For example, this is what we used to create Since I know little about JS, this is my less mature (more unprofessional) piece of code I'm share.

piLibs C++ - coding framework
I use these to create all of my demos and prototypes. They contain anything from rendering to VR to sound to image manipulation to OS abstraction to data structures.

piLibs C++ Examples
This is a set of simple examples of using the piLibs above.

source code for Elevated, the TBC and RGBA's Breakpoint 2009 winner 4k intro, still one of the most popular demoscene pieces. You'll learn some of my shading tricks and some of Mentor's code optimization tricks. HLSL, assembly languge and C. Enjoy!

4k demo system and examples
This is what I use(d) when I create(d) my 4 kilobytes demos, which means they contain the minimal code necessary to do basic oprerations such as opening a window, rendering some sound and some realtime graphics.

64k demo system
Same as the above, for for 64 kilobyte demos. Meaning, more robust code, but still minimal.

Very old qbasic code
Well, that. I made these in 1994. Not useful these days, but there for fun.

1 billion digits of τ (Tau, 2π)
You can easily find files with long sequences of digits of π, but not τ. So I'm fixing that.