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Elevated is the 4 kilobytes demo that I made together with Puryx (Christian Rønde) and Mentor (Rune L. H. Stubbe) from the demo group TBC, back in 2009. We won the Breakpoint 2009 demoparty in Bingen/Germany, and it was one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

I have incredible memories of coding this one, in a very glamorous empty (like, really empty) 30 square meter living room with nothing but a sofa in the middle and a video projector illuminating the huge wall in front of me. And Mentor working hard optimizing the script decompressor and Puryx composing the music. Those danish dudes worked hard. I remember also the moment when after weeks of fighting against entropy and reducing the intro byte by byte, I finally got one executable that was 4096 kilobytes and no more. Then I played the intro in the huge wall in front of me, one more time, perhaps the 100th time, and I new inside me that we were going to win.

Seven years later the same Elevated, which was kind of optimized for the systems available at the time, didn't work on all systems, so we decided to recompile it with modern compilers and link it with the latest Crinkler. We also took the opportunity to optimize the rendering a little bit. We updated the new binaries in but also decided to organize the source code and put it online for people to examine and, perhaps, learn something from it. So here you are, the source code of Elevated:


Click here to download it from this website, or click here

And because I still get emotional when I remember the projection, here goes the amazing live reaction of the audience when Elevated was shown in the big screen. It's difficult to appreciate in this video, but this was shown in a athletic stadium with quite a few thousand people in a huge 12 meter screen (the video is recorded from the other side of the stadim):